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Create cost-effective marketing strategies and methods for business visibility and increase brand recognition with inbound and outbound traffic. We design and create media strategies that reach a larger audience by driving your potential customers to become advertisers of your product.

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Who Are We

Shahinko Solutions, A leading digital marketing & web design & IT Networking company in Dubai, is an agency that helps brands to establish their online presence through our team of experts.

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We have a dedicated team of young and influential web designers, developers, SEO analysts to learn and bring in a new method to offer a great user experience.

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What we focus on

Our Process


Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the most primarily used social media channel in the world today; nearly billions are hooked to Facebook every minute thought out the world. Facebook is a social networking platform where peoples used to is for sharing images, videos, chatting and more.


Linked In Marketing

Linked In is the professional information sharing platform widely used next to Facebook. As LinkedIn is full of professionals, any posting aboard has to be unique and elegant in such a way as to gain their attention. Promotion on LinkedIn can be of product promotion.


YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the largest video sharing portal; nearly thirty billion viewers are captive to YouTube for viewing various videos published daily. Hence YouTube videos have the considerable potential to carry promotional collaterals like banner ads and video ads while the video streams.


Twitter Marketing

Twitter marketing is now a global arena of people for dwelling in thoughts, Today with the present statistics with 330 million active users, and to a total of billion accounts have been created, Twitter is now a virtual social network covering nearly 44% a/c and left before ever sending tweets.

shahinko solutions

A professionally managed Social Media Agency in Dubai

The process behind SMM was publishing anything particular to the business as an image, video or as a text and shared to all. One unique and purposeful post, if published, the share will get immediate familiarly and actions.

If your business is customer-centric, then SMM probably the best means for marketing; today, 90 percent of the companies implement SMM tactics for exploring new opportunities in the industry. Marketing through Social media is carried on various social networking channels including Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, YouTube and More.

Some Numbers We deliver stable, scalable, and reliable and revenue results.

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